After I lost my job, I fell into a deep depression and it seemed like the only way to escape my feelings was to do drugs. I did drugs for several years. At one point I realized I could no longer live like this and needed to turn things round. I decided to go into rehab and was so determined that I got clean within three weeks. I've completed my drug recovery program, and I am now in aftercare to ensure continued recovery. 

Now my goal is to get into work and I am determined to achieve it. I completed a construction skills certificate scheme, and I am currently volunteering at Aspire. These achievements were unimaginable for me a few years ago! I am now ready to take the final step and move back into paid work. 

I have to do this quickly as the money I am currently receiving is not enough to cover my bills and rent. I need your support to get this training license and Telehandler course to get back on my own feet. 

Barry Natalie’s support worker says “Natalie has been working very hard when volunteering at Aspire. She is ready to work and really deserves this positive outcome. This training will lead to her having fulfilling work in an area she wants to work in. Without work she does not have the means to pay her bills and this is likely to lead to homelessness. Your support would make a massive difference."



  1. Raise money to pay for her training license

  2. Complete course and obtain license

  3. Enter into the workforce

  4. Earn enough to pay bills and rent


Nathalie's Update:


Thanks to your donations, Nathalie completed her training license and telehandler course, and got a job!

When Nathalie started fundraising with Greater Change, she had finished rehab after several years of drug addiction and had completed a skills certificate scheme. However, she needed money for further training to get back into paid employment, and to ensure she could pay her housing bills.

With your help, Nathalie was able to take the final step by completing her training. As a result, Nathalie got into paid employment and is no longer at risk of becoming homeless. She moved from battling addiction to paid work!