Chloe and her 2 year-old daughter have been sofa surfing with family after moving away from an unsafe house. It is a situation that no parent wants for their children.


Chloe is engaging with Aspire to better her situation and needs your help to get a deposit together for a safe home they can call their own.

Chloe had never intended for her daughter to not have a safe home to call her own. However, she had to move out of an overcrowded housing situation just after her daughter was born and the flat assigned to her by the Council did not feel safe to live in; it had many outstanding repair works and Chloe had to involve Social Services, Citizens Advice Bureau and the environmental health department at the Council.

"Unfortunately the work was not commenced in the 5 months I was at the property.

Social Services told me that I was at risk of losing care of my daughter if the work was not completed at the property. I was terrified of this and had to leave." - Chloe

Following this ordeal, Chloe's support from the Council was withdrawn as the arrears she had built up on the unsafe property made her ineligible for Council support.​

The arrears also meant that she was taken off the Housing Register, making it impossible for her to qualify for social housing and left with very few options available, especially as she had already spent the allowable advance on her Universal Credit payments to take care of her daughter during the 6-week transition where UC applicants receive no benefits.


"[Chloe] is a very focused mother who has her child's best interests at heart. She is always responsive to my contact and engages very well with what is asked of her." - Jessica Rush (Aspire Support Worker)

Private landlords are often unwilling to accept tenants on benefits and so Chloe and her daughter have found themselves sofa surfing with family and friends over the last 7 months.​

With so few options available to her, Chloe needs our help to get a rent deposit and first month's rent together in order to make a bid for private housing that landlords will consider.

Sofa surfing around multiple houses is not the right environment for a young child and is a situation that Chloe desperately wants to get out of. Your donation will change their lives.



Good luck to you and your daughter Chloe x
Wishing you all the best Chloe, hope things turn around soon for you x