Derrick worked as a support worker and carer until late last year, when a series of personal hardships caused him to lose his job and his home.

Derrick first got in touch with Crawley Open House in November 2019. He had been living in a privately rented flat, but was about to be evicted from it. The eviction process was happening far more quickly than had been anticipated due to the lack of a tenancy agreement with his landlord and Derrick found himself on the verge of having to sleep on the streets right before the holidays.

Our partners at Crawley Open House were able to quickly house him in one of their move on houses to prevent this and thankfully, Derrick was able to celebrate Christmas with them and with a roof over his head.

" Derrick is an extremely hardworking and very grateful man. If he were to be given this chance, it would change his life in so many positive ways, especially his everyday wellbeing. " - Clare, Derrick's Support worker


Derrick has since picked up part-time hours working as a cleaner to try, cycling to work daily and working to get himself back on his feet. However, it has been a difficult process saving up quickly enough for his own place.

Derrick has an incredible set of professional skills and has changed the lives of his many clients in the past. He can do that again with your help.

Your donation would go towards helping Derrick save up for his rent deposit so that he can move into a place he can call his own and start working towards becoming a carer again.