1. Start working on a voluntary basis
  2. Pay deposit and move into accommodation
  3. Complete skills training 
  4. Supported back into work



Updates on Pip:

Thanks to your donations, Pip has reached his target!

Pip's Story:


Hi, I'm Pip, I've been rough sleeping in Oxford for many years. I haven't been able to get into hostel accommodation or access much support due to my dogs, Cece and Jack. 

Recently, I heard about Greater Change and thought this could be a real chance to get to where I want to be in life. I want my front door, stability and a job. With a support worker, we've identified what I need to get there: identification, stable accommodation that will take my dogs, driving lessons and work experience. We've identified somebody who will offer me accommodation and let me take the dogs; I just have to raise a deposit first. Once I have raised money for accommodation, I'm going to move in and start voluntary work experience that I'm arranging. My support worker will also be helping me set up my housing benefit to enable me to pay the bills during the work experience. Once I've done a few months of work experience, I will have support with getting into work.

I'm so glad to have this plan in place. It's one that I really believe in. It will get me to a place I really want to be; previously I thought this was impossible. I want to say thank you in advance to everyone who believes in me and will support me in achieving my goals.

Pip’s support worker says: "Pip has engaged really well with me for a long time. He is showing strong motivation. For a variety of reasons, Pip would find it very hard to get a chance of moving on without personalised funding. I think after the dedication he has shown he really deserves this chance."