1. Raise money for a deposit

  2. Pay deposit and move into accommodation

  3. Apply for housing benefit 

  4. Train to be a nurse once secure in new housing




Jane has successfully raised £1000 pounds with your help! She will now be able to find permanent accommodation giving her enough space to adequately care for her nine-month-old baby son who has complex physical needs.


Jane's Story:

Hi I’m Jane, and I’m a single mum with a 9 month old baby. We are desperately seeking a safe space for the two of us to live in, and are in need of a deposit and first month’s rent.

Since I was 16, I’ve been in and out of my mum’s house, having had struggles within my family unit. During this time, I was in an abusive relationship, during which I was admitted to hospital after suffering head injuries and broken bones.

Things started to look up after the termination of that relationship: I met a new partner and life was going well. We were going on weekends away, and he promised to be committed to me. I thought that he was the one that I would spend the rest of my life with, especially after he gave me so much support when I was told that I would not be able to have children. However, I was then sent evidence that he’d been having an affair with my childhood best friend. I was so heartbroken and hurt that I had to end both the relationship with my partner, and with my best friend. Having done this, I was given the shock of my life when I found out that I was pregnant! The baby’s father was not involved during my pregnancy, meaning that I had to undergo it alone.

My son came along, he was born with severe jaundice and had to be under a specialist incubator for 3 days. He was also diagnosed at birth with development dysplasia of the hip, meaning that he has to be put into a special harness at night time. Due to his condition, I have to perform physio on a daily basis at home. We are both receiving regular check-ups at the hospital, but we will not know whether his condition will improve until he can have an ultrasound at age one.

By having my own space, both me and my son will benefit physically and mentally. His condition is emotionally stressful, but we will be able to manage it better if we have our own place. I am currently living with my mum, but this is not a suitable long-term arrangement due to her health, and the lack of space meaning that my son lacks the facilities which he needs for his physiotherapy. I was at a loose end until Aspire stepped in, as I didn’t fit the criteria to access the support offered by many other homeless organisations.

After securing money for a deposit and first month’s rent, I will claim a housing benefit to sustain the new place. I am also hoping to improve my career prospects by training to be a nurse. I would be incredibly grateful to anybody who donated to help me to get over this hurdle, allowing me and my son to live a healthier, happier, and more secure life.

Barry, Jane's support worker, says: "I feel that Jane would benefit massively from Greater Change to give her and her baby some much needed space where she can meet his physio needs. Having her own space would also give Jane the chance to study to be a nurse which is her long term goal and ambition in a quiet and stable environment. Jane has been through a life changing experience and really deserves this opportunity"