1. Complete and pass a training course
  2. Fully fund campaign
  3. Supported into a career in security



Updates on Callum:

Callum worked with Greater Change to raise money to fund his training as a security guard.

The support of the community enabled him to train, get a job, and change his life. He is now a security officer working on film sets, and is having awesome experiences at work, getting to travel and staying in hotels! 

“Greater Change is amazing, I've never been helped like this before, where I'm personally looked after.” - Callum

Callum built a strong relationship with our Partnership Liaison, Mary, and they still keep in touch. He is now in a flatshare with a good friend, and looks forward to progressing in his career!

Callum's story:

Hi, I’m Callum. I was struggling to find work so started volunteering at Aspire so I could build up my work experience and employability. I’ve done almost everything possible in terms of training and work experience here: painting and decorating, gardening, garden design, house removal, delivery, recycling pickups and demolition. I’ve enjoyed it and now I’m really keen and ready to move into full time paid work.

I want to work in security. Firstly, because it’s a good long term career with lots of employment opportunity. Secondly, I think it’s an important and worthwhile job because its about helping people and making sure they are safe. Also, I’ve always been good at kickboxing and worked hard at this which is a useful skill for getting employment in the sector.

I’ve got loads of work experience and evidence of commitment from Aspire, I’ve done my security licence training and Aspire are going to be helping me apply for jobs so I am really confident I can move into employment soon after my course.

The security course was free but the official license badge is £330. I need this badge as its illegal to work in security without one and also it’s the proof that I’ve done the course and have the right skills. I can’t pay for it myself and its really essential for me getting work so I would really appreciate your help in funding it.