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Sarah is raising two young boys by herself without any financial assistance from their father. Her family is facing eviction because of rent arrears accumulated due to delays when switching between benefits.


Sarah is a 29-year-old single mother of two boys aged 2 and a half and one year old. Due to her relationship breaking down, Sarah had to move out of the accommodation where the family were staying.

Oxford city council helped her and her two boys by moving them to private rented sector housing in Abingdon, Sarah was grateful for this help but became isolated from family and friends. This temporary accommodation ended a year later when Sarah was successful at bidding on a social housing property in Harwell, which she agreed due to the rent being cheaper. This isolated her even further from her family, which has been especially hard since her father suffers from stage 4 throat cancer.

Due to Sarah’s circumstances, she has had to change from maternity benefit to income support and then to universal credit. Since she is raising two very young boys without any financial assistance from their father, this has caused a lot of disruption to her income. She is now left with arrears and faces eviction.


“Sarah has a good education and qualifications, and with our support, I believe she can achieve her goals.”- Gregg, Sarah’s support worker


If we manage to get this family out of arrears, they avoid eviction and could look at exchanging to be nearer to Sarah’s support network. This would help Sarah with childcare, enabling her to go back to work and allowing her to be closer to her father.

Sarah is an articulate and educated young person; she would like to use the qualifications she has to go on to further study or go back to her previous work nursing. Sarah and her family need your help to avoid eviction. Your donation will enable Sarah to go back to work and be closer to her father.



Never give up, you will be great as a mother, daughter, and nurse. All the best, here if you need.
Upped my donation, to Sarah!
Good Luck. We all need a little help every now and then.
Good luck Sarah! All the very best to you and your family