Phil was made redundant seven years ago and a series of subsequent tragedies left him homeless. He spiralled into depression and came close to taking his own life several times, but has now got the support he needs to start working again. 

Seven years ago, Phil was working as a truck driver. He enjoyed this job and had developed several skills over the years, but did not formalise his achievements in the form of courses or licenses. He had never been given the opportunity to do so, and he never saw any need because he was working for an employer he trusted.


However, this employer made him redundant, a real blow which was immensely compounded when tragedy struck shortly afterwards and his father and mother both died. Already in a financially precarious position due to his unemployment, the death of his parents caused Phil’s mental health to grow worse and worse.


Soon Phil had lost his flat, too, and was in such a dark place that he abruptly left everything behind, going missing from friends and family. It was during this time that his mental health was at its worst and Phil tried to take his own life multiple times. At one point, he had a noose around his neck before finding the strength to pull himself away.


"I was taken to a place under the mental health act and there, I started getting better."


Now, Phil is feeling far better and is working on getting his life back on track. He has gained the help of Aspire, who work with him to organise himself, and he is getting the support he needs from various organisations. He has been working to recover his mental health with Mind, a mental health charity, and they are supporting him to live temporarily in a hostel. These are really promising steps, and now Phil is keen to get back into work.


To secure this work, however, he needs your help to procure licenses and certificates for the skills he knows he has already. Phil’s story is one of tragedy, but with the right support, he has gained the strength he needs to start over. His progress with Mind and Aspire shows how close he is to making a fresh start. All he needs now is the money for certifications, for example a truck license, as well as credentials for skills he has already developed. Please give to help Phil put his life back together.



Good luck!