"Gary has worked really hard and he has come a really long way. He got himself clean from drugs over a year ago and has since gotten himself into a temporary house share and full time employment as a contractor


He just needs a bit more of a boost to help him stabilise his situation and really secure his life"

- Tom (Deacon of St Pancras Church)


Gary’s substance abuse started when he was just coming out of school, and it worsened as time went on. Bright hope came when he and his then-girlfriend had a son, but this relationship fell apart, and Gary found himself seeing less and less of his only child. This separation inevitably aggravated Gary’s addiction, resulting in a vicious cycle that left him homeless and without a job.


Over the course of twenty years, Gary went through several detox programmes but failed to stay sober every time. The strain of his addiction caused his mental health to break down, and he came close to taking his own life more than once.


The only place where Gary felt relaxed was his local church. He spoke with the deacon, Tom, and became a part of the congregation. Feeling strengthened by this community and his religion, he decided to do another detox programme. Finally, Gary had the strength to pull through and got himself off drugs, and he has now been completely clean for 15 months.


"The church was the only place I could feel relaxed. The first conversation I had with Tom was the first normal conversation I had had with another person in decades."


Going through recovery successfully gave Gary a real sense of self-worth. He started to get healthy again in body and mind, exercising regularly and taking bible study classes. He furthered his initial bond with the church by getting baptised and confirmed and has started telling his story to try to help others. His support network at the church is rooting for him and emphasise how far he has come.


Gary has done well in getting himself back on track and out of homelessness. He has secured a temporary house share with three others and is currently working as a contractor, doing bricklaying work all around Chichester. Unfortunately, he currently has to borrow tools from his colleagues. Securing accommodation and employment are significant steps, but due to the nature of house-sharing, Gary has found it difficult to have his son over, something he really wants.


He is working hard and saving up for a rent deposit, but he needs your help to raise funds for hand tools and a passport. This would allow him to reach the next stage of his life and progress further from his past. Additional funding for basic furnishing in his new home would mean that he could move in faster and stabilise his situation more quickly, ensuring that he can see his son more often and build a true relationship with him.


Gary’s dream is to one day take his son on a long overdue holiday. Please help them get there.



You sound very strong. I'm wish you even more strength to get you where you want to be and I so hope that you and your son have a wonderful holiday! Best wishes to you. it's an honour to support you. We all need support sometimes.