1. Get into private accommodation
  2. Complete college course in bricklaying
  3. Get paid work experience
  4. Secure full time employment in the industry



Update with Andy (16/12/2019):

Andy and Gary with our COO, Jonathan Tan

Andy and Gary with our COO, Jon

Andy has now successfully completed his training and secured a job with an extremely supportive employer.

With your help, he has been able to put down a deposit for a place of his own. He moved in last Friday and is delighted with his new studio flat, complete with cooler, fridge, freezer, and bed.

Andy is incredibly grateful to everyone who has lent him their support in one way or another. Thanks to you, he can celebrate Christmas in his own home for the first time in years!


"Andy is a really empathetic and driven young man who is extremely kind, polite and he always puts others first.

It would be great to see him finally get what he needs to achieve his goals." 

- Tom (Deacon of St Pancras Church)


Andy has always been an incredibly hardworking young man. He took on a variety of jobs while he was still at school, as a factory worker and at a steel engineering firm. When he was a teenager, however, his mental health deteriorated, and this led to substance abuse problems. Each of these issues exacerbated the other and caused relationships with his family and friends to break down.

In July 2018 Andy was discharged from an institution, and he has stayed clean ever since. He started attending a college course in bricklaying and has currently completed two out of three years of construction skills. He is doing really well, enjoying his education and beginning to rebuild his relationship with his family.


"I feel stuck in my social housing situation" - Andy


However, progress towards real independence has been slow. Andy was placed in a social housing project with seven other housemates, the cost of which is so high that it takes up almost all of his benefits payments. Andy is left with less than £50 to cover all his expenses throughout the week, often unable to make ends without the support of volunteer networks run by locals. He is only 22 years of age, and his older housemates have complex substance issues of their own. It is vital for Andy to secure independent housing so that he can break away from his past for good.


If Andy secured work now, he would be entitled to certain employment benefits, which would immediately disqualify him from his housing and leave him homeless. He has no other means of financial support, and with his small benefits reserve has not been able to save up money for privately rented accommodation. At this point in his bricklaying course, he should be obtaining paid apprenticeships and part-time work, but will not be able to do this until he secures a new place to live.


Andy has worked incredibly hard to make it to where he is today. He really needs a one-time boost to get into stable accommodation and get the basics necessary for an apprenticeship: an address, a bike for travelling to work, and bricklayers’ tools. Your generosity will help a kind and ambitious young man to start his life afresh.