1. Fundraise for Rent Deposit

  2. Move into new place and recover from crushed foot

  3. Get back into employment as a hair dressers

  4. Get her grandchildren over for a movie and popcorn night



Sarah is a kind and generous lady, who gave a lot back to her community when she ran her own business as a hairdresser

She frequently fundraised for others in need and regularly offered her services for free to the homeless at various outreach groups

But extreme circumstances have left her at risk of becoming homeless again

Sarah was an extremely involved member of the community in Chichester. She took part in the Lord Mayor's appeal only 2 years ago and frequently volunteered with many homeless organisations, even as she ran her own hairdressing business. She had been homeless before and was determined to help others who had been in her situation.

Unfortunately, a number of extreme circumstances have put her in danger of becoming homeless again.

Firstly, she was forced to wind up her business when the lease on her shop was up since her rent was doubled.

Secondly, she had her right foot badly crushed in an accident. This left her unable to easily move around, and she could therefore not work at other salons.

Thirdly, just before Christmas, she was told, that her housing development has been put up for redevelopment and that she has to move.

"I had so many treasured memories and pieces of family history in my home and in my possessions. The thought of losing all of that is heartbreaking."


Because she has been unable to work, the little financial resilience she had built up over the years was quickly depleted, and she has already started selling off furniture and other prized possessions to pay off her bills.

Despite all her efforts, Sarah has been served an eviction notice, and the bailiffs can show up on doorstep any minute.

Sarah is a giving person, who gave all her time she could. Like so many, she is just a series of unfortunate events away from being rendered homeless.

She dreads becoming homeless again. All she wants is a place to call home, to have movie nights with her grandchildren and to be able to recover from her accident.

Sarah already has jobs lined up for when she is able to stand and walk again, but will risk losing everything if she is not given the financial support she needs in the time being.