1. Raise money for vital furnishing
  2. Start new life with kids
  3. Manage and monitor Cancer diagnosis
  4. Recover and get back into employment



Updates on Alice (10/1/2020):

Mary, our Partnerships Liaison, met with Alice on the 10th of January, 2020, to catch up on how she's been doing...


Since Greater Change helped Alice to pay off her rent arrears, she's been able to settle into her lovely new home, fully furnished except for some drawers she needs for her children's room. She also bought a new cooker from her fund!

The place Alice was at before was in army housing, which Alice found to be dark and lonely. She was at a crisis in her life where she needed to ask for help, and once she got the help there was light at the end of the tunnel. 

Looking to the future, Alice hopes to be able to study and eventually get back into work! She still has some bills to pay off but is slowly and surely working towards that. Having a beautiful family home to stay in goes a long way towards making her feel more secure!

"I wish you all good luck in all your endeavours, I am so thankful for all the amazing support to lift me up from the crisis I was in to where I am today, happy and smiling!" - Alice 


A series of trials forced Alice to leave her home. Now, after being diagnosed with cancer and physically unable to work, she needs your help to pay off her rent arrears and get basic furnishings for her new accommodation.


Alice used to work in childcare while living in Bicester with her family and enjoyed spending her time caring for others. However, her marriage broke down, and Alice lost entitlement to her previous accommodation. She and her two children, Gina (15) and Brandon (12), were supposed to be rehoused to Banbury.


Their new accommodation lacks vital furnishing: there is no kettle or cooker and it is in dire need of basic flooring and paintwork. Moreover, Alice cannot afford to fund these basic home comforts due to her low Universal Credit income and already-developed rent arrears in the new property.


"Alice has had a series of unfortunate events that have led to her having to leave her home" - Francesca Rogers (Support Worker)


On top of all this, Alice was diagnosed with rectum cancer. The diagnosis is being monitored, but her financial situation remains unstable because she cannot work while undergoing treatment. She desperately needs to pay off her arrears within thirty days so that she and her children can move to Banbury. Alice’s teenage children will not be able to start school until they have moved into the new accommodation, and Alice needs a space where she can recover.


Alice has been working with Aspire to do the best for her children. Please help her by donating to help pay off her rent arrears and gain some basic furnishing for the new accommodation. Alice must rely on the assistance of others to get through this period and really appreciates all the support she has received so far.




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