Rebecca wants to be a nurse. Her ill health has overshadowed this dream and as a result, she has been unable to work, unable to pay off subsequent rent arrears, and unable to receive a kidney transplant because she lacked space in which to recover. She needs your help.

Rebecca worked as a Carer and wanted to work towards obtaining a nursing qualification. However, she incurred rent arrears after suffering from renal failure; it has been so severe that she is now awaiting her 3rd kidney transplant.


After her last transplant, she was too ill to work and therefore, unable to pay her rent. She was evicted from her property and left homeless. Rebecca had been sleeping on her mother's sofa in an overcrowded property, this meant that she was unable to receive the necessary treatment required for another transplant as her doctors felt she would not have sufficient means to recover.


Rebecca has since been given temporary accommodation due to a massive deterioration in her health, and following some emergency dialysis, she is now on the list for a kidney transplant. Rebecca's brother is donating his kidney to her, however, her rent arrears are causing her stress, which is affecting her health and ability to recover long term.


Your donation will help Rebecca move through these incredibly trying times, both mentally and physically. When she recovers, she wants to get back into her job as a Carer and study for her nursing qualification so that she can help the sick and the needy.



Best wishes